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My sub kajirus loves to worship my boots, so I offered him a treat - I made him worship My boots…
I need a boot slut to lick the dirt off my boots after my morning horse ride.
Me and my Mistress friend, found a sub to please us, with our Floggers!
One thing my sub is good for is to clean my boots - but still not good enough.
I love humiliating my cuckold who i locked in chastity. Listen to Me humiliate him, reminding him…
My sub failed me in one task. Clean my boots. Pathetic, couldnt do that right. He begged to lick my…
Before going out to find a real man, i told my pathetic cuckold to clean my boots - with his tongue.…
I had chance to film with a femdom producer and saw this as a chance to cane my sub who…
Me and my friend decided to teach our little piggy how to suck, but not before we enjoyed a little…
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My sub was hungry so I fed him some cake, but made him eat off the bottom of my boot. Such a good…
My sub was hungry so i fed him, but I made him eat off the floor. Such a good piggy
my complaining sub licks my dirty boots
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